Sunday, October 5, 2008

What People are Saying!

Stephanie Krill:
This book is such an inspiration. I lost a daughter that was 2 months old back in 1992 (I was only 18 years old, and a single parent) and didn't realize how much I was still hurting until I read this book. For years I have hated to hear people s...ay it's "God's will" when someone dies-- I have always refused to believe that. Now I understand more of what that truly means. Thanks you so much!!! I strongly recommend this book to anyone who is hurting or grieving

Crystal Dobbins:
Jacob, I read The Calling a voice in the dead woods-there were hidden messages in each title of each chapter-characters in the being of the book show up in the end-lots of twists-I loved Thomas James-I feel like I know him personally-I'm waiting... on the sequel-I've encouraged my friends to purchase this read

Jennifer Schick:
I read your book in one day. I couldn't put it down til I finished. I wanted to see how this all was going to be put together in the end. Much to think about and causes one to dig deep into the well of your soul.. Thanks for writting such a great book.

Kimberley Spezzano Jordan:
I have to say a very easy book to read! Every chapter made me think about life as it is today. What awesome detail as you could see the whole thing come together! Everyone should get a copy and read it, would make a difference in a lot of people's outlook on life! Loved it!

Wendy Hagenow Utterback:
Beautiful, simply beautiful, Jacob. The Calling was such an inspiration to me. I identified with the story on so many levels. Hope and faith have been such a big part of my life in the last few years and I found myself emotionally connecting with ...your characters a number of times and felt comforted by their experiences. Your writing is exciting, breathtaking and vivid. Thank you for creating such an amazing work!

Bruce Harbert:
Jacob...just finished your book last nite. What can I say? It is the truth of us all...just as the life of Jesus was. Hopefully this book will eclipse the Left Behind series that many have been so enamoured with as they discover the glory andy myst...ery of the truth that has been lying dormant inside them. I looked for some of your hidden mysteries while reading. Correct me if I'm wrong...Legirion=Religion??? Surely this is correct...a Psychiatric Hospital where people are told what to eat, what they can do and not do, what to believe, etc...BRILLIANT!

Terry Potter:
I recomend all my friends get a copy of this book. All I can say is, WOW!!! Jaycob is one of those rare writers that captures you and brings you right into the story as if your there in person watching all the events unfold right in front of your eye...s. He has an amazing ability to put many parallels to the Bible and what we as Christains struggle with in our mind and spirits down on paper. This would be the movie of the century if it was on the big screen! Thank you Jaycob for giving this gift to the world! :D P.S. It helped my daughter see things more in God's perspective and truly has given her hope. Thanks again Jaycob! We love you! :D !

Teresa Norwood Hill:
I am so amazed that we connected on facebook...It was meant for me to read your book!

Cari Hiles Winebrenner:
The Calling was different than any other book. The symbolism was amazing. As a woman who has lost a son (Grant 7 yrs ago) I especially related to Nancy. I also thought the way each character was tied to Thomas before the coma spoke volumes about pred...estination. And the fact that he started w/the outcasts/insane is representative of Gods compassion for all as well as His ability to use those who make themselves available... Even in uncertainty... Which also speaks measures about faith and trust. I could go on and on.... but I'll leave room for others to write on your wall ;) Anyway, thank you for sharing your talent and revelation w/the world. I was blessed.

Sandra Jardineiro:
Just finished the book - loved it so much I cried. Thank you for writing such a wonderful novel. It surely does put life into perspective. A true inspiration for us all. God Bless!

Layla Hicks:
Jacob, a friend of mine left me this message about The Calling: "Thank you so much for recommending this book. I did buy it and read it while we were on vacation. It was incredible!! I am recommending it to several of my friends!!"

Wanted to share a young readers beautiful comment and prayer
Hey Jacob, I finally got your book in the mail today, and I've read a little more than half. Thomas has just woken and is speaking to Felecia on the roof. Jacob, I'm so profoundly moved reading this. I can't even find the words to explain what I feel from it...

Gary Sigler:
Thanks Jacob, This is one of many testimony's to follow. This book is a masterpiece

Louis Charles:
Thanks for sharing, JI. It's a great book and one I really enjoyed. It really deserves being read a few times in order attempt to find all the metaphors you have hidden within. :C)

Michelle Holstein:
The Calling, by Jacob Israel is the most thought-provoking book I have read this year. Jacob weaves an incredible tale of suspense, sadness, joy, faith, love, and forgiveness. Seeing the world through the eyes of Thomas James has renewed my faith in ...spirit, love, and hope. The book came to me at time when I was questioning my own calling; I found comfort in reading the words of this book and taking the time to examine my own path on life’s journey. I have read the book twice and will read it again, as each time I am blessed with new insight and understanding. Jacob Israel is now on my list of "must read" authors.

Ambre Potter:
jacob i so loved your book i thank you so much for sending it to me and it has really helped me out in my life and has given me a new out look on life and if this tells you anything i never read infact i hate to read and i LOVED this book it was hard... to put down and maid me cry in some places thank you so much for this gift you have given us!

Laura Casale:
Hi Jacob! The book was GREAT!!! Tried sending you a message on your myspace, while I was gone from facebook! Don't know if you ever picked it up! Anyway, I was totally captivated and deeply touched!!!! Thank you again for writing such a wonderful book!

Robin Christina:
This is more than just an edge of your seat thriller, it is packed with Truth and Wisdom. Would make a great film. Thank you, Jacob.

Carl Lynn Rhyne:
"The Calling" I have discovered some hidden meaninigs in this novel that are pheonminal. I finished it yesterday, buyt now I'm going to reread some because of the mysteries that are there! WOW!

Martha Illene:
Jacob - I know you're book is classified as a religious fiction. But I believe it's only because there doesn't seem to be a category available for what it really is. Your book is truly one of enlightenment. When I began reading it, I c...ould immediately see the parallels not only of Christ's life, but my own; which really is ours. A true perspective of how our Father sees us, how he truly loves and wants us to walk in the freedom of His Son's life, no longer exchanging the truth for a lie, but waking up and staying awake to what the reality really is about who we are and why we are. Your book brought this home for me. Look forward to rereading. Thanks for your obedience!

Stephen Campise:
Dude!greatest book ever(besides the bible) I just finished reading your book it's awsome it's actually inspired me to read The Bible more, I hope there will be another book to follow up this one and connect it to the future in this book. Awsome work I will be in touch with you soon.

Sherry Chessor:
I really loved your book Jacob. I hope you sell a million copies. I want to get a few extra copies just to pass around to friends and family.

Judy Lawrence:
Jacob, I loved your book. I know the Father's heart and His Love to All.
You have expressed it beautifully and in this day we need to set the captives free. Thank you for your revelation and your heart for God.

Ben Bunch:
Awesome book! (Bought 25 copies and handed them out to people)

Barb Arsneau:
Jacob's book The Calling is a must read! I have NEVER read another book like this one! This book just by reading it can truly change your life.. how you see the world,how you see others,how you see yourself!It will open the eyes to all who read get absorbed into this book from beginning to end..this book should be read by will never see life the same again!
Good work Jacob my friend!

Janine Palazzolo Lange:
An absolutely amazing story.... Hands down my favorite book of all time! I'm a fan for life!

Kathleen Nieves:
I was so happy to hear your shout out for The Calling on WLIX. I am STILL blown away at how good your book was. I continue to tell everyone about it. That is the first book I have actually FINISHED (in a very short time) in many years!!! May the ...Lord richly bless you this day & grant you (& family) the desires of your heart. Your in our prayers!!Read More

Diane L. Harris:
Jacob, my 14 year old started reading your book just last night and this morning he announced he's enjoying it so much that he plans to recommend it to his middle school library. He's one of their official book testers.

Angela Goncalves:
J.....Thank you for writing the book. It touched me in so many emotional ways. I have to say that when you wrote of THE BOOK OF JOEL I just started crying and couldn't stop. Just alot behind that. Amazing work...J

Chessly Nesci:
Hey Jacob, I'm been so busy and just started your novel. You are an amazing writer!! Your book is the only book I'm reading at the moment and will definately let you know what I think. So far sooooo good. You have talent my friend. Have a blessed day! ~ Chessly :)

Mike Morenz:
Just finished the book last night! We need to promote this thing! Well...maybe's so good it will explode on it's own.

Diana Burnay Ereira:
You are an amzaing writer and i would love to help you throughout europe... if you are interested let me know. xoxo d

Layla Hicks:
I LOVED IT!!!! I can't even begin to express the magnitude of the impact of what you've written. It is awesome. I totally couldn't put it down and that's exactly what I expect out of a book. To me, it's just so great to have ...the base that it has; and then to put in end times along with it just rocks my world lol
The story is great, the way it is written is great; it flows real well - I had no trouble moving right along. The twists and turns are awesome, the emotions it causes in the reader are fantastic and it absolutely gets better and better. It's one of those great books where you end a chapter and can't NOT go to the next chapter. It's got that pull; it just rocks. What's next?Read More

Sharon Truax Beitzell:
I fell asleep reading the book last night, woke up at one and finished the chapter. How sick is that? I know exactly how Layla feels. The book is awesome!

Justin Machacek:
I read The Calling by Jacob Israel front to back in just a couple of days... I was captivated. I took it everywhere I went and read it each chance I got. My wife was almost aggravated at one point (good thing it wasn't longer)! This is a grea...t book that is an easy read. The spiritual parallels are profound and this is sure to be a big hit when people begin finding out about it.Read More

Lisamarie Bashaw:
Thank you so much for the priviledge to read '' THE CALLING" This is an excellent book! So well written I could not put it down. I urge everyone to get your own copy of this excellent book. It is sure to be a best seller!


Today, I will smile before I frown.
I will build someone up before I tear another down.

Today, I will look to all I have as opposed to what I do not.
I will be grateful for traffic, red lights, long lines, and everything that causes me to stop.

Today, I will find ways to enjoy what has annoyed me before.
I will remember those who are not as blessed to have more.

Today, I will not complain no matter what happens in my life.
Instead, I will look to the silver lining, or at least I will try.

Today, I will tell those I love, that I love them no less than ten times.
I will hug my children, wife, husband, mother, father, when saying hello or saying goodbye.

Today, I will do something different. I will try new and exciting things.
I will take a chance and do what I am scared to do, just to see what experience it brings.

Today, I will greet every stranger and open every one of their doors.
I will say thank you and please, and I will take pleasure in helping another with their chores.

Today, I will understand that everything, besides how I experience it, is beyond my control.
I will accept things are they are, not ask people why they act the way they do, or even want to know.

Today, I will forgive those who have hurt me, and apologize to those I have wronged.I will live my life, as if it’s my last, and sing along to my favorite song.

I won’t care what people think. I won’t listen to what they may say.
I won’t worry about my losing job or how my bills will get paid.
Today I will only be happy and pray that I can make the choice for the rest of my days.

The Truth Will Change You

The Truth Will Change You