Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The Master left his mansion angrier than a hornet shook from it's hive.
The Servant smiled as he waved his Master Goodbye.

"I have, and you have not," the Master screamed to the servant tending his yard.
"Why are you always smiling, when I know your life must be very hard?"

The servant turned and shook his head.
The Master got angrier and forced him to listen instead.

"I have a home, one hundred times the size of your shack.
I have cars, wealth, fashionable clothes and I give you just enough to keep you coming back."

The servant tried to hide the pitiful look in his eyes.
However, the Master saw this and it fueled his anger inside.

"I have the best physicians in the world, I have the most wonderful food to eat and I belong to many important clubs.
You don't have insurance, your food is scrap and you look at me as if I'm corrupt?"

The servant raised his gaze from the ground below.
As the Master continued to speak, the servants smile began to grow.

"I am a man of importance, one who travels and hunts...
I vacation where my heart desires and I do whatever I want...
But you, you are just the help, no one respects you and never will.
You're the one who cleans the dishes, not the one who pays the bill.
Your back is breaking, while mine is being rubbed.
Your hands are blistering, while mine are washed up.
What is so good about your life that I never see you cry,
Why is it you always smile, when I believe you should want to die?

The servant rolled his shoulders back as if he was going to speak.
He laid his rake to the ground and took off the boots from his feet.

"You may have a mansion, but I have a warm home.You may have wealth, clothes and status, but I have a peace you will never know...
While you are fighting to have more, I have all I will ever need... You see, I want nothing, but your belly hurts from the flames of your greed.
You say this is your grass, but I am the one that helps it grow.
You call this your land, but there are parts of it you don't even know.
I stock the fish for your pond, but you never watch one swim around.
I plant your flowers and you never smell them or pick them from the ground...You're always worrying you will lose what you have, but I can never lose the amazing life I have found...You tear down and I build up.
You are ungrateful, but I know the fullness of my cup...You eat and drink more than you should, and because of it you pay the price...You are overweight and sick, but I always feel all right...You measure yourself against others, but I love who I am...You can't see past your wallet, but I see a magnificent plan... So, you want to know why it is I smile and I'm always so nice?...It's because I have found more than you have in this short wonderful life...When I look back I see those things I have nourished and helped to grow... I see those I have served and all those I have been blessed to know...What is it you see Master, when your life stares you in the face?...Is it those you've abused and taken advantage of? It must be a darker place....You've taken without asking and never given, even to a few...And now you want to know why it is I smile when you never do?...It is because I have something you don't and that much is very true...And no matter what you think you have, until you change, I will always be greater than you...We each have a part to play, but I understand the greater plot...And to store up treasure in this world, it most surely is not...It is to love and serve others and find joy and purpose in your lot...When you do this, you will HAVE as I HAVE, but right now Master, you absolutely HAVE NOT!


peace to you