Sunday, August 24, 2008

Make A Life Worth Living

An expensive house is not as valued as the laughter and love the inhabits the space inside someones home.

It is not the automobile that is essential, but a person's will to go from one place to another that creates the journey.

Outward beauty fades, perfect bodies wither, but a kind, giving and cheerful spirit lives on forever.

One thousand words of fear and hate will never accomplish what one single word of encouragement can.

To give to others is to build, to take from others only tears down.

To want more is poverty, but to be content is to have it all.

A smile in a room filled with frowns is as the sun on the most glorious of summer's days.

To rule over others creates resentment, but to lead with a servants heart is to make life long friends.

So laugh and love and go where your heart takes you.
Be kind and giving and have a cheerful attitude.
Encourage and give to those who need it.
Be content with all you have.
And if you do all these things and you never forget to smile,
you will be a great leader in this world,
and you will have made a life that is truly worth living.



Sunday, August 10, 2008


The Miracle Man
There was a man that was known for the miracles he performed.
Millions came to see him, they came from wide and from far.

He gave sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, cured the lame, healed the sick, and raised the dead.
"But, what is more important" he said.
"To give sight to the blind, or to give wisdom instead?"

"What does it matter what a man can see, if he knows not the difference between wrong and right?"
"What does it profit a man what he hears, if he hates many things in his life?"
"Is it so important to walk tall on two legs, if you are not known to be upright?"
"Where is the value in being free from disease, when your true illness is hidden just out of sight?"

The crowd screamed, "This is not why we came here, to philosophise!" "We are here for a miracle, so do one right here, right now, before our very eyes!"

The man's head sank, they had not understood.
The miracles they wanted could never fix them and never would.

With new ears they might hear, but they would never understand.
With new eyes they might see, but forever miss God's plan.

They wanted assurance, they wanted cheers and praise.
They wanted healing and flowery words, they wanted a parade.

But the man had not come to do great tricks.
He had come to tell the truth, not to heal the literally sick.

He stood before them and made his intensions clear.
Knowing his words would be lost on some, but that others would draw near.

"I have given SIGHT to those who could NOT SEE that there is more to life than what they live."
"I have given HEARING to those that could not HEAR the great truth that I give."

"I've healed the sick hearts of those who hate, worry, and fear."
"I've straightened the walk of those who were lost and made their conscience clear."

"I'm not a magician, a wizard, or your puppet fool.
I have come to tell you only the truth. Not to make you think that I am cool.

You are lost in a world filled with smoke and mirrors.
But if you take a look again and try to find the truth of these rumors.

"You will see the only man that I have ever raised from the dead, Is one who did not believe he was the child of God, but believed he was a mere mortal instead."