Monday, March 31, 2008

Cookie Jar

A child reaches for the cookie jar. He knows he’s not supposed to, but he does it anyway … As he stretches he slips. He and the cookie jar come crashing to the ground…

“What happened?” His mother cries as she runs down the hall.

The boy knows he’s in trouble, the jar is broken and the mess is everywhere…

Tears fill his eyes as he drops his head in shame to say… “I’m sorry mommy”

The Mother pushes the mess aside. She takes her boy in her arms… “It’s all right sweetheart,” she says kindly, “Sometimes we have to fall, so love can pick us back up to teach us how not to fall again.”

We need to stop dwelling on what we have done wrong. Instead, we need to dwell on how God’s love is there to pick us up, no matter what we have done, and no matter how many times we’ve done it...

So one day we will never need fall again.


Make Life Worth Living

An expensive house is not as valued as the laughter and love the inhabits the space inside someones home.

It is not the automobile that is essential, but a person's will to go from one place to another that creates the journey.

Outward beauty fades, perfect bodies wither, but a kind, giving and cheerful spirit lives on forever.

One thousand words of fear and hate will never accomplish what one single word of encouragement can.

To give to others is to build, to take from others only tears down.

To want more is poverty, but to be content is to have it all.

A smile in a room filled with frowns is as the sun on the most glorious of summer's days.

To rule over others creates resentment, but to lead with a servants heart is to make life long friends.

So laugh and love and go where your heart takes you. Be kind and giving and have a cheerful attitude. Encourage and give to those who need it. Be content with all you have. And if you do all these things and you never forget to smile, you will be a great leader in this world and you will have made a life that is truly worth living.


Friday, March 28, 2008

To Change The World

Can we make straight the most crooked of paths?
Can we teach someone who hates to love?
Can we fix what seems to be beyond repair?
Can we mend wounds that are deeper than our reach?
Can we change the world?

With faith all things are possible.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Can You Hear the Music

Round and round and round they turn,
Laughing and dancing and spinning the earth,

"Mad they are", the people say. "Insane they are, the way they play."

But round and round and round they turn
each to the sound of the music they learned,

While the rest of the world, with ugly stares, walks about them in silence.


Wisdom is a Tree of Life

To desire is to suffer,
but to forget is bliss.

To hold tight makes you weak,
but to rest gives you strength.

To need is slavery,
but to be content is to rule the world.

Those who wait for good things have nothing,
but those who wait for nothing have all good things.

When a promise is made rejoice in it and let it go.

The Book of Thomas James 2012