Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I Never Thought

When I was sick I never thought I'd be well.

When I was tired I never thought I'd find rest.

When I was unemployed I never thought I'd find a job.

When I was hurt I never thought I would be strong again.

When I lost my home I never thought I'd find a new one.

When I knew only abuse I never thought I would know love.

When I could not handle change I never thought I would be able to adapt.

When I cried I thought I would never laugh.

When I lost loved ones I never thought I could move on.

When I was scared I never thought I would have the courage to face my fears.

When I was attacked I never thought I would be able to forgive.

When I worried I never thought I would have faith.

When I think I am insignificant I forget all I've done that I thought I never could, all I have that I thought I never would, and all I've overcome that I never thought was possible.

There are so many things we believe ourselves to be incapable of. There are so many times we are put to the test and we believe we will fail. But take a moment to look at all you have been through and how far you have come and you will see how truly amazing you are.



Thursday, May 1, 2008

Change Your World, The World Will Change

The hurtful things in the world were too much for the wide eyed student to bear.

There was killing and violence, suffering, hate and great despair.

He wanted desperately to do something to change the world but to begin, he did not know where.

So he traveled across the world in search for the one man he believed had the answers he needed to hear.

"How can I change prejudice," he asked. "How can I teach the world not to fear?"

The wise man smiled, "Love those who are different," he said and made his simple answer clear.

"Well what about war and killing? There has to be something I can do."

"Reach out your hand to those who are hurting, and make peace with those who have done wrong to you."

The student scratched his head as he grew more upset. "There is sickness, starvation, abuse and hate. I want to know what I can do before it's too late."

"Visit the sick, feed the hungry, encourage and love," the wise man said while focusing his eyes above. "What you do to one, you do to all, change your ways and the evils of this world will fall."

The student stood in anger, "I want to change the world, not myself. The world is what is hurting, not me, I am well."

The wise man stood, with eyes severe, "I tell you the truth, for every person you hate, there is one that is killed. For every hungry man you ignore, there is a child that starves. For every fight that is not reconciled, a casualty of war. You want to know how to change the world, to do this you must first change yourself. For every greed, every lust, every theft, every lie, every hateful word and prejudice thought, there is a far reaching affect. You've heard, to hate is the same as murder, but now the truth of this is said. Don't focus on what is outside of you to bring peace and suffering to its end, focus on what is inside of you, instead."

The student left and thanked the man. He did not know if what he had said was true, but if doing these things could make a difference if he did not do it, he would be a fool.


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